Becky Kelso Master Jeweler Profile

Becky Kelso Master Jeweler Profile

Becky Kelso is a name that can be found in various spheres, from politics and silvercraft to photography and gardening. Her diverse background and passions paint a picture of a multifaceted and deeply creative individual.

A Political Activist

Born in August 1948, Kelso's first foray into public life was as a politician. She served in the Minnesota House of Representatives for six terms, from 1987 to 1999. During her time in office, she advocated for progressive causes such as environmental protection, education, and healthcare. Her dedication to public service laid the foundation for her continued engagement in community development and social justice issues.

A Masterful Silversmith

Beyond politics, Kelso's artistic spirit finds expression in her intricate silver jewelry creations. Her hand-carved rings, available at, are a testament to her skill and passion for the craft. Each piece is unique, showcasing her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to translate emotions and inspiration into tangible form.

An Eye for Beauty

Kelso's creative pursuits extend beyond metalwork. Her Instagram page, @beckykelsojewelry, showcases her talent as a photographer, capturing the essence of nature and everyday life through stunning visuals. The vibrant colors, textures, and compositions reveal a deep appreciation for beauty in all its forms.

A Dedicated Gardener

Kelso describes herself as a "constant gardener" on her website, and her passion for nature is evident in her home and surroundings. Cultivating plants and nurturing life is a source of joy and inspiration for her, reflecting her connection to the natural world.

A Life of Meaning and Purpose

Becky Kelso is a true Renaissance woman, seamlessly weaving together her diverse interests and talents into a tapestry of creativity and purpose. Her dedication to public service, artistry, and appreciation for beauty serves as an inspiration to others to explore their passions and contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

Where to Find Becky Kelso's Work

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